Here’s a list of the common complaints that I help my clients deal with –

  • Dealing with loss of some kind
  • Going through a rocky phase in a relationship
  • Afraid of things & people changing 
  • Tired of being treated poorly
  • Moving on from a breakup
  • Dealing with unmanageable emotions
  • Worried about one’s future
  • Struggling with speaking honestly to loved ones
  • Concerned about someone
  • Stagnating professionally
  • Confused about what to do with one’s life
  • Unable to be confident
  • Dealing with buried emotions
  • Having trouble finding inner peace & happiness

While only you can understand how agonizing your unique situation is & there’s no way that this list may do justice to describing what you’re uniquely dealing with, I want you to know that we’ll find a way through it & that we’ll get there together.

So come by for a chat (appointment basis only). We’ve got work to do.


If you’re looking to revitalize your organization, help teams bond better or deal with change, reduce workplace turnover, introduce creative thinking & emotional problem solving to your company & even help teams really hack into their behaviour & thinking challenges for increased joy & productivity, let’s connect & explore how we could work together.


If you’re looking for a speaker, trainer & facilitator with the bandwidth & passion to share perspectives & consolidate findings, I would be happy to host panels & address your people & company on a range of topics spanning mental health awareness, behaviour hacking, mood management, anger management, digital content creation secrets & how to boost your personal & corporate brand using storytelling & creativity.


If you’re looking for ongoing support as you see your life, business & even the zeitgeist transform around you & you’re not quite sure how to win or fit in, then we have the solution for you. If you’ve generally lost your drive, clarity & mojo, you can sign up for one of my bespoke coaching & mentoring packages where you’ll receive tailor made solutions & support for a fixed period of time to address your personal & professional emotional dilemmas through a range of psycho-social tools & exercises – that’ll change how you deal with adversity.

With a full slate of exciting workshops at the Heart to Heart Centre (India’s oldest Counselling Centre) *hyperlink to main website*, you’re welcome to stop by our office & sign up for one of our flagship modules in personal counselling (Rogerian Counselling through the Robert Carkhuff Model, REBT & Transactional Analysis). We train more than 500+ students per year in a range of Counselling modalities so they can kick-start their own practice & learn (W.H.O approved & Internationally practiced) change facilitation & hands-on counselling models.