My psychology-based coaching style will help you & your team alter success blueprints, define growth trajectories, productively alter group dynamics for the better & even change the general mood of an organization. With these key goals in mind, here’s what I can offer you.



It’s easy for things to sound bookish & boring if not taught correctly.

If you’re looking for someone to demystify fancy-sounding things like EQ (Emotional Quotient), Team Building & Social Intelligence, then I’m your guy.

Bespoke Workshops, Seminars, Webinars & Retreats can be structured & customized (over 1 hour, a couple of hours, 1 day or even 2 days) to meet your team’s unique requirements.

Simply Whatsapp me on +919619454050 for me to send you the details.



  • Transactional Analysis for individual/employee wellness
  • Busting through a bleak personal narrative

  • Creating a Winning Department Culture

  • Dealing with Workplace Politics & Stress

  • Dealing with Organizational Change

  • Games Employees Play

  • Anger Management Training

  • Managing the Trauma of Change Transformation



I like to simplify things. My speaking philosophy reflects this. If you’re not learning & having fun at the same time, something’s missing. My talks attempt to fill that gap. The idea is to help you learn & gain exposure to pivotal concepts that your homes & schools never prepared you for.

Talks can structured & customized for a variety of events & occasions depending on your organization’s needs.

  • General Mental Health Awareness Talk – 1 hour 30 mins
  • The Psychology & Anatomy of Digital Content Creation – 2 hours
  • Storytelling for a Bored Audience – 2 hours
  • How to stop them from leaving? – Insights on staff turnover – 2 hour
  • Tidying up Emotional Communication – 2 hours
  • The Art of Negotiation – 2 hours
  • The Art of Assertiveness – 2 hours
  • How to Sleep Better – 1 hour
  • Tools to transform your thinking – 1 hour